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Floating Market & River Kwai Bridge

06:30               Pick up from the hotel in Bangkok for Damnernsaduak Floating Market.

On the way will be passing the largest source of salt production in Thailand along the roadside of the highway.

07:30                     Visit Mae Klong Market (The World’s Most Fascinating Marketplace)

An open-air marketplace. People sell locally grown fruits, freshly caught seafood, dried spices, peppers, and other local foods.  Amazing! Train tracks run right through the marketplace. When the train comes by, vendors have to close up their canopy and wait for it to pass. Naturally, it’s a popular spot with the tourists.

                                Visit Coconut Garden

                                See how the sugar is being made right from the coconut syrup of coconut flower.

The workers on site will showed us how the palm sugar is extracted from the sap of coconut flowers. Huge woks bubbled over a blazing furnace, and the result was crumbly and coarse with a distinct caramel flavour. You are able to taste the fresh palm sugar hot off the furnace.

                                Then take long-tail boat going along narrow canal surround the plantation.


                                Visit  Damnern Saduak floating market.

See a fascinating Thai way of life from the ancient time that is still widely practiced in this area. A chance to try various kinds of exotic Thai fruits and choices of Thai handicrafts are available at the spot.                     

                                Visit Wooden Handy Craft Factory.

                                Where they show you how to produce wood carving.

11:30                     Depart from Wooden Handy Craft Factory to Kanchanaburi province.

12:30                     Lunch at local restaurant.

13:30                     Visit JEATH War Museum

This open-air museum contains exact replicas of the huts that the POWs who worked on the ‘Death Railway’ were forced to live in among other exhibits. The long huts contain various photographs taken during the war, drawings and paintings by POWs, maps, weapons and other war memorabilia. The acronym ‘JEATH’ stands for Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland, indicating the nationalities of the prisoners who resided in the huts. The museum has been open since 1977 and is run by Buddhist monks.


Visit Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, it contains the remains of 6,982 war prisoners (mostly the British, Dutch, Australian and American) who lost their lives during the construction of the Bridge over the River Kwai and the railway to Burma (the Death Railway).

Visit The Bridge over the River Kwai, Walk over the internationally famous, the black iron bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese Army and reassembled under Japanese supervision by Allied prisoners of war labor as part of the “Death Railway” linking Thailand with Myanmar.



No. of person

1 - person

2 – 3 person

4 – 5 person

6 person up








  • Private tour by air-condition vehicle.
  • Transfer from/to hotel.
  • 30 minutes speedboat trip along fruit plantation.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Lunch.


  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips for guide and driver.

Child Policy:

  • For children less than 4 years will be "Free" of charge.
  • For children 4-10 years old we charge 75% of adult price.
  • For children over 10 years old we charge normal price.