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Khao Khew

Khao Khew


08:00             Pick up from the hotel in Bangkok for Khao Khew Open Zoo

10:00             Visit Khao Khew Open Zoo. It is located in beautiful forests and is more of a sanctuary with many animals free to roam in their very own secure environments. These individual habitats include: desert, grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, rocks and mountains.

In the zoo, you can see closely with non-dangerous animals. You can also feed the animals and Touch them. There are hardly seen animals in the zoo, such as giraffes, zebras, Hippos, camels, bears, bulls, some breeds of birds, and many more. Additionally, animal shows, the zone of children zoo and activities in the zoo. The cat’s complex is particularly well presented, with lots of detail about each animal’s natural habitat, diet, and life expectancy.

12:00             Lunch at restaurant in the zoo.

14:00             Return to Bangkok.

16:00             Arrive to the hotel.